Spectacular things happen when nature is in complete freedom, like this curious Zapotillo tree and its unique shape. When we found this tree, we decided to make it the icon of the Santo Tomás Pachuj Nature Reserve.

Natural Reserve and Coffee Plantation

Santo Tomas Pachuj

A fascinating fusion of nature and the process of sun-dried coffee at Santo Tomás Pachuj’s Nature Reserve makes our cup of coffee special!

Rainforest Alliance Certified since 2001 

  • Coffee  (Q Grade / Rainforest Alliance Certified)
  • Organic Honey
  • Avocados

Finca Santo Tomas Pachuj is a Private Natural Reserve, where you’ll be able to enjoy Amazing Volcano and River Landscapes from Atitlan, the Purest and Cleanest Water from our Mountain Springs, 100% Natural Honey, and Best Gourmet Quality Coffee